About my journey

About my TPS journey

Hello there and thank you for being interested in my journey.

My name is Shmuel Merhav, I was born in 1957, I am married, and I am a father of three and a grandfather to one. I live in Tel Aviv.

I am a consultant and a facilitator by occupation, a photographer by training and I am a poet in my being.

My journey can be summarised in these simple letters:

A journey from PPPS to TPS

PPPS is the name I gave to what a neurologist determined that I have. In May 2013 he diagnosed me with Parkinson’s disease Class 2. I call it PPPS which stands for Permanent & Progressive Parkinson’s Symptoms.

Here is what the PPPS diagnosis means to me, this is the verdict that came with it: “You have a disease that will follow you all your life. It will get worse with time. We, the doctors, will do our best to delay its deterioration and to alleviate the symptoms. Just do not kid yourself that you will be able to recover from it. Accept the verdict, learn to live with it and hopefully you will see that it’s not so bad.”

TPS is what I decided I had, it’s my own invented diagnosis. In July 2013 I started my journey to prove that TPS is what I actually have. TPS stands for Temporary Parkinson’s Symptoms.

Here is what the TPS diagnosis means to me: “The fact that the medical world has not found a way to heal my symptoms does not mean there is no such a way. I am on a journey to find the way to cure myself. I will search everywhere, inside and outside myself. I will ask for help from anyone that I’ll feel can help me. I’ll listen to my body and my intuition and do whatever it takes however long it takes. This way I will recover, this way I will learn, this way I will develop and grow, this way these temporary symptoms will leave my body. “

So I am on this journey, from PPPS to TPS. A journey whose aim is to introduce a new saying to the language of mankind, one that would be considered delusional and impossible today, and to turn that saying into a saying that is widespread and routine. The saying is:

Once, when I had Parkinson’s, …..”

When this saying will become commonplace and everyday, it will transform the reality and the quality of life of millions of people worldwide diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. This saying will open an opening for similar sayings regarding Alzheimer’s and other degenerative nervous diseases now considered incurable.

This is the purpose of my journey

In this blog I will share experiences, discoveries, insights, difficulties, developments, learnings and anything interesting that happens on my way that I think can be of interest or benefit to other people.

I will be happy to read your feedback and thoughts, and you are invited to share this. If you would like to receive updates on posts I’ve put here – click on the blue button on the right that says ‘Follow’ or on the grey button that says ‘Register’.

Thank you and cheers,


 (Translated from Hebrew by my good friend Andy Darby)

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